Thursday, June 25, 2009

Second Team Week & Camp High Rock

The second team week is over and it went well. We painted the outside of one house and the inside & outside and did the roof of another. The week was a bit tougher for me and I hit a wall on Thursday (last week), but turned around after talking with an intern and Uncle Dave. It's great to have such a good team that helps out and encourages. The week ended on a high note though, as we finished all of our work on time and kid's club went very well. I've really drawn close to a couple of the kids and am getting a feel for how to help the kids have fun and "be security." Sacred Road posted a video from last week's team and you can see it here (it's probably their best video so far, not just this summer but all past teams).

Things are going well and it's kind of sad realizing that we're nearly half-way through. In a neat story: On Saturday, the team got together and talked about the team week and good moments from the past week. There were many good ones, but one I liked was told by Davy G (the Granberry's son): He said that at Kid's Club last week, one of his friends told him, "I want to be like him." When Davy asked him who, the kid replied "Your Dad." The kid saying that struck me because of the lack of fathers on the Reservation and the fact that this Sunday was Father's Day. It's a really good thing that Sacred Road serves as a positive influence on so many kids.

In other news, Camp High Rock begins on July 5th, and most of the staff and interns will be there as counselors/leaders. Camp High Rock is sponsored by a local church, Sacred Road, and a church near Seattle. The Camp takes 60 kids and 45 kids from the Reservation to a Camp in the Cascades for a week. I'm excited about going and looking forward to it. Chris Granberry told us that most of the Rezervation kids come on scholarship and right now they are $1500.00 short (it costs $100.00 per kid). If you are able/willing to make a donation to send a kid to camp for the week, you can send a check to Sacred Road @

12116 SE 51st Pl.
Issaquah WA 98029

If you're going to send money please let me know by email ( or phone 478-737-4178 so I can let them know (the check will take about a week to get out here). I probably won't answer my phone, but you can leave a voicemail and I'll let the Granberrys know.

Thanks so much to all of you out there for your prayers and support. Please keep praying for us as we have a new team coming on Saturday. It's really good out here, but it's also a struggle requiring me to limp to Christ continually, leaning on the everlasting arms for strength and help.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Second Week

The Second Week is over and I've post some pictures on webshots and videos on youtube.

This past week, we had 40 people from Cullman and Birmingham, AL. They worked very hard and it was a good week. We put on a new roof and decking, painted inside and outside, cleaned and mowed the yard, and built a water pumphouse. By the end of the week, we filled up 3 industrial size dumpsters. We finished just about everything, and the guy interns will head out there Tuesday or Wednesday to finish up a few things. The week went well - no injuries, but we faced a struggle throughout the week as lots of stuff went missing. You can see the two part video from last week by clicking here. Check out the video - it's very good and helps show what we're doing.

This past weekend is a three day celebration of the treaty the Yakama people signed in 1855 and "Treaty Days" includes an all-Indian Rodeo and a massive Pow-wow with about 200 hundred dancers and many drummers. I really enjoyed the Pow-wow and Rodeo - it was a good time to fellowship and observe. The drumming, singing, and dancing is very engrossing. The webshots site has a few pictures from the Pow-wow and a few short videos.

This week is our training week and we have to clean up a lot of stuff and prepare for the next week when new teams come. Things are going well and it's been a very good experience. I really like it here and it's also a big challenge to stretch yourself and pour yourself out, both for the one-week team & to the children.

We also hosted "Kid's Club" at two different parks throughout the week. At Kid's Club, we and the team play with the kids, feed them snacks, sing a little, and go over a Bible story. Janel & Sadie, two summer interns, did a great job making skits for the kids to show the Bible story, and the kids really enjoyed and learned from it. Kid's Club is a great way to get to know the kids, share the Gospel with them, and provide a safe place for them to play, and just show them love. The kids come from a rough place, and they face constant bullying. Chuck, one of the guys here on staff, says the schools and playgrounds run on the "law of the jungle" where the strong rule. Kid's Club is probably the only place where the kids can play without having to deal with bullying or fights. This picture below is from the Rodeo and it is of several children who are playing and they're throwing rocks and dirt clods at teach other. Either the parents don't know or don't care how their kids play.

On the last day of the week before the teams leave, Sacred Road has "Say so" where the team members get a chance to talk about their experiences and one of the girls from Totus Park in White Swan who hangs out with Sacred Road a good bit said that she really appreciated Kid's Club because of the laughing. She said that she rarely hears the kids laughing in the neighborhood and Kid's Club is the only place where they are all laughing and having fun. Her comment really struck me as laughing and childhood are supposed to be tied together, yet many of these kids don't get to experience that as they grow up.

Natalie - Sacred Road doesn't need anything in particular - I think they're facing a bit of a financial crunch, but they don't need any specific things/objects. Thanks for the comment though.

Here's a picture of the Sacred Road Team:

From left to right, front row: Veronica Vasquez, Anne Marie Granberry, Morgan Granberry, Emily Schmidt, Uncle Dave Koerner, Sadie Corbett, Me, Mark Shaw/David Granberry, Mary Granberry, Rebekah Griffin, & back row: Luke Irwin, Chris Granberry, Scott Burnett, Janel Corbett, Gretchen Becker, Heather German, & Beth Granberry. This picture has everyone except Chuck, Neena, Asha, & Isaac Clevenger who didn't come with us to Chinook Pass.