Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Normal-ness of Church

At Youth Group, Jamaal (alias), who is one of our long time regulars was sitting near me and Chuck asked, "What are some of God's promises?" Jamaal's hand shot up, and he rattled off a couple.  Just a little background, Jamaal is in eighth grade, is basically an orphan, attempted suicide a few years ago, and has a really rough life.  I'm always impressed when he can make it through the evening in control of himself and avoiding trouble.  Well, that Tuesday was a good night for him.

So, I was already feeling proud that Jamaal was having a good night and knew a couple of the promises of God, but then it got even better. He turned to a new guy who was there for the first time and said with equal measures of shock and disbelief: "You've never been to Church before?!?!" I was blown away! To think that a Native kid from the Reservation would see Church as normal and be confused that there are those out there who haven't been to Church is mind boggling.

It's great to see the impact Youth Group, Kids Club, and Church are having on kids like Jamaal and others who haven't known a day when there wasn't a Church and Church people that love them, and most of all, that there's a God who loves them, protects them, watches over them, provides for them, is a brother, is a Father, and is a Savior to them.