Saturday, December 17, 2011

He Is Human Like Us

This fall, our Children’s lessons focused on Jesus’ miracles and it was great to see the kids realize Jesus had amazing powers, because He is God. Several of the young boys talked about Jesus like he was a superhero, with superpowers, like healing blind people, curing leprosy, and raising the dead.

We started the Christmas lessons, and have been emphasizing Jesus’ birth and the fact that He was born a baby, and grew up as a person, just like them. He knew what it was like to fall down and hurt his knee, to have friends who disappointed Him, and to grow up in a poor home. I liked that as we did the lessons, the boys would realize the truth that Jesus is like us. He’s fully human and fully God, and because He’s human, He understands us, knows our pain, and understands our hurts. And because He’s fully God, He can do something about it and does.

It made me happy to see the kids realizing that Jesus was just like them and He knows their hurts and pains.