Friday, February 3, 2012

Flannel Pillows

This past Tuesday, we did a craft that the kids LOVED. We made twisty pillows out of flannel with cool patterns like: camo, firemen, horses, hearts, puppies, footballs, bumblebees, and flowers. We had about 40 children, and it was a great night. The kids were SO happy and loved hugging their pillows. One boy said, “I’m going to use and sleep on my pillow all day.”

I hadn't seen one of my guys for several months, and he had a great night and read the passage for everyone. We discussed when Jesus was a boy in the Temple and it provided a great opportunity to discuss the Trinity. Several asked how Jesus could be God yet the Temple is His Father’s House and God’s House. I talked about how the Bible says God is one, yet the Bible talks about Jesus, The Father, and The Holy Spirit as God, and there three persons to the one God. Strangely, they all nodded in agreement! It was a neat moment to see them understand the truths of the Bible, even something that can seem confusing and strange.