Monday, April 15, 2013

Art Day!

We recently hosted an art day at our Church building.  Jan Whitefoot, a local artist, led the event and had a variety of crafts for the children: painting, making Native dance sticks, coloring, and beading.  It was great to have her incorporate Native artwork into our kids’ lives, especially as many struggle with identity.  We had 33 children and they LOVED it and all of them were asking when we could do it again. 

We have scheduled another art day with Jan in May, and hope to work with her on a regular basis.  These art events are great for the kids and the community.  Would you consider making a donation to sponsor this art program?  You can do so by mailing a check, marked Children’s Ministry – Art to Sacred Road Ministries PO Box 400 Harrah, WA 98933 or by clicking this link.   Here are some pictures:

Painting blocks of wood:

Decorating the dance sticks with paint pens:


Coloring Station:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Teams

We had great Kid's Clubs this spring and these are some of my favorite pictures.  We were rather tired afterwards, but they went really well.  One of the best parts about the spring teams is that we get to reconnect with children we haven’t seen since August or October.  Some children come to Kid’s Club but not Sunday Church so we only see them when weather is good enough for Kid’s Club.  The first team week, we were only at Totus Park, but the second and third week we were at both Totus and Adam’s View Parks.  The number of children at Adam’s View has increased and we had 70+ children several times. There were a couple highlights from Kid’s Club, but I’m saving them for my monthly update :) In the meantime, here are some pictures and the videos from the week.  You can see more pictures by clicking here.