Friday, December 18, 2015

Quick Update

Here's a short film of us installing some of the trusses.  All of the furring out is finished and now we need to finish the trusses, decking, insulation, and OSB siding.  We are quite delayed as we battle the elements and run the SRM Christmas marathon.  More to come in 1-2 weeks.

I've included a nice Christmas song: Barcarola by Sufjan Stevens.  Enjoy.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Tiny House Barn Raising Day

On Saturday, Chuck, Darren, Jesse, and I added the loft framing to the tiny house.  We hit a few snags along the way, but it went really well. We also nearly finished furring out the sides.  It looks kind of funny because some sections are 16" wide while others are 24 and others are 30.  Chuck said: "This is Lewis Carroll meets MC Escher of construction." It was a lot of fun, and it's looking great.

I was hoping to create a time lapse of us pulling the framing up and securing it, by my camera doesn't do time lapse.  It does video, but only in eight minute bursts (which I learned while filming).  Hopefully the next one is better.  Next up: Trusses

Friday, November 27, 2015

More Work

So here's an update on progress.  

Last week, Chuck and I leveled the trailer, getting it on 8 concrete footings.  Darren and Chuck moved all the gravel.  

Last Saturday, we had some volunteers, and they removed the cabinets inside, enlarged 3 of the 4 windows, fixed the rotten areas, and began adding 2x2s to the exterior.  Once the 2x2s are added, we'll add foam insulation (bottom left), place the framing on top, OSB sheets to the outside, and the trusses on the top.  We probably won't be able to do the final siding and shingles until the spring and warmer weather. Hopefully the framing and OSB will be done within a week and half (before the really crazy busy Christmas season gets going in full gear). 

Inside progress:

Saturday, November 14, 2015

It's Framing Time

Rick and I (but mostly Rick) built the frames.  The frames will make the structure taller and make the loft space.  Next week's plan: move gravel around, level the trailer on blocks, "fur out" the side (to fur it out is to add some width - I'm learning all kinds of things), add more insulation, attach the new walls, and maybe start the outside sheeting, and wrap it in Tyvek.  we have some volunteers coming Saturday.  Then things start to get crazy with Christmas, so I'm not sure what's going to happen.

What needs to be done before the crazy winter gets here is: trusses (which arrive Monday), and decking.  Most of the interior stuff will be done in the new year.  The exterior siding can be done later.  The shingles will have to wait for warmer weather.

We built 8 8 foot sections and they'll be lifted up top and nailed into place (once it's level and we're ready to start).  Rick was a HUGE help because he's done it before and knows exactly what to do for windows and spacing and corners and edges and all of it.

In process


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tiny House Progress

So, we ripped out the old windows and the old siding, as well as began figuring out the roof/loft area.  Our goal is to finish the outside and roof first and then get to the inside (which is the normal way of doing things).  I'll post more pictures as progress is made.    The plywood looks a little rough and has some rot and mold, but it in pretty good shape.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tiny House Update

After two trips, many many hours, twice visits with the Police, emergency roadside repairs, and other adventures, the trailer is here!  It needs work - we're going to replace the door, siding, flooring, and possibly the roof.  There is much to be done.  

So you know what happened: a few weeks back, we traveled to Olympia, WA only to be told that no, they didn't have the trailer and we had to come back later.  Despite the fact, I called and the email said to come pick it up.  So we went back last Wednesday and found the trailer, after the DOT workers told us, "We don't have anything like that." After stopping for some needed parts, we began the long drive.  We were stopped twice by the police for taillight issues.  We also had to pull over twice to fix the metal siding which was peeling off.  When we fixed the siding, we had no hammer, nails, or screw, so I used a hatchet and the old rusty screws that were falling out.  It was a very long day, but it was fun and Ray and Diana Holt are the best - they're the ones who helped me big time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Normal-ness of Church

At Youth Group, Jamaal (alias), who is one of our long time regulars was sitting near me and Chuck asked, "What are some of God's promises?" Jamaal's hand shot up, and he rattled off a couple.  Just a little background, Jamaal is in eighth grade, is basically an orphan, attempted suicide a few years ago, and has a really rough life.  I'm always impressed when he can make it through the evening in control of himself and avoiding trouble.  Well, that Tuesday was a good night for him.

So, I was already feeling proud that Jamaal was having a good night and knew a couple of the promises of God, but then it got even better. He turned to a new guy who was there for the first time and said with equal measures of shock and disbelief: "You've never been to Church before?!?!" I was blown away! To think that a Native kid from the Reservation would see Church as normal and be confused that there are those out there who haven't been to Church is mind boggling.

It's great to see the impact Youth Group, Kids Club, and Church are having on kids like Jamaal and others who haven't known a day when there wasn't a Church and Church people that love them, and most of all, that there's a God who loves them, protects them, watches over them, provides for them, is a brother, is a Father, and is a Savior to them.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tiny House

For the past two years, I've lived in this RV: 
It's been an ok place, but is a little too cold in the winter (and an eyesore).  We need to keep someone here on the Church property to keep an eye on things, and because of county codes, we can't build another permanent structure, so here's the plan: 

The plan is to build a Tiny House, a small cabin on top of a 8x20 Trailer.  Because it's on wheels, it won't be covered by Yakima County Codes.  I need to raise $10,000 to buy a flatbed trailer and supplies (wood, door, electrical, windows, etc).  This fall, I'll be building the cabin and adding a small bathroom, kitchen, and living area (you sleep in the loft).  The Tiny House will belong to the Church, and I'll be staying in it, kind of like a manse/parsonage.  Please pray about making a donation to make this happen.  To donate, send a check to Sacred Road Ministries PO Box 400 Harrah, WA 98933.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Eyes of Faith

(I changed the girl’s name to Laura for anonymity)
During Kid’s Club, a girl named Laura, ran up to one of the team leaders and said, “Hey I remember you, you were here last year!” And then she excitedly said, “I also remember the Bible Verse!” The previous year, that team had the kids work on memorizing one Bible verse throughout the week, and everyone who remembered it (and those who couldn’t) received a small gift at the end of the week.  Laura had memorized the verse but missed the last day and also missed out on the gift, BUT she had still remembered the verse.  A year later, and God’s word was still imprinted on her mind.  It’s one of those stories that sticks with you, that gives you hope for Laura; hope that God’s working in her heart, that no matter what happens to her and what we see, God has put His word in her heart and it will have an impact.  Maybe not right away, but soon, and we hope and we pray Laura will remain in Church and keep growing in faith. 
It’s a great story, like many we’ve held onto and maybe told supporters.  It’s the kernel of faith we hold out for the lost and desperate child.  It’s also a story that happened six years ago when I was a summer Intern.  Since then, Laura remained part of youth group and a discipleship group for two or three years.  For the past three years, she’s been nearly completely absent from Youth Group or Church.  And over the past four years, Laura has lived a rough life.  She used to be regularly involved in Church and Youth Group, but over the past four years, she has been partying with a bad crowd, was in several major car wrecks, has been involved in several fights, and last year was in a fight that left her brain damaged.  To hear her family story and her story from those that know her is neither encouraging nor hopeful. 
So anyway, this past Tuesday, Laura came to Youth Group! It’s an exceedingly small thing, but it gave me great joy to see her and great hope for her.  You see, I had kind of forgotten about her, thinking things like: “We tried and it didn’t work,” “She’s just too far gone,” or “We have enough regular kids to worry about.” But when I saw her Tuesday, I was reminded: “There’s still hope for her!” “God has not forgotten her.” “God might be working still.” All things that are obvious and basics of the faith, but things we must be reminded of and things that are crucial to working out here.
Over a typical year, we interact with hundreds of children and teenagers.  Some come every Sunday.  Some strike us in a certain way and we remember them and their signs of faith.  But many, in fact very many of the kids we have, disappear: they move (often abruptly and with little notice), become less interested, start running with gangsters, start drinking and drugging, and “fall away.” But maybe after a year, or five, we bump into them again, and I think the question is: Will we see them as God sees them: a beloved child with a mountain of baggage and trouble, someone crowned with glory and honor, broken by the fall and in need of eyes that communicate love and hope and not judgment and disappointment.  Will our eyes show the welcoming love of God?

We do not know the final story or where “our” kids will land.  Some will come to faith now and be leaders in the Church.  Others will come to faith now but fall away for a time.  Others will come to faith in twenty or forty years, after a lifetime of heartache.  And there will be some who will never come to faith.  We do not know how it ends, but we do know how we are called to act! Jesus calls us to “stop doubting and believe!” He calls us to step out in faith, hoping God’s promises are true for this one in front of us.  This one who comes, again wearing the same dirty clothes and a dirty face.  This one who is ashamed of how she’s been living.  This one who is a wanna be gangster.  And this one, who’s had everyone in their life say: “You’re less than nothing and there’s no hope and it’s too late for you, so just throw in the towel.” If His blood can make the foulest clean. His blood availed for me, then there’s hope for Laura and dozens like her.  Pray that God gives us the eyes to see those in need and the faith to believe in His promises for the lost.  And thanks be to God who give us little moments that remind us what faith looks like in the midst of a broken situation.