Saturday, January 28, 2012

Game Night

This past Thursday, we had a bunch of the youth together for Game Night, and it was the most fun we’ve had during a youth event. We played “Snort,” “Psychiatrist,” and “Eat It.” I was one of three who tied for the win in Snort, a game where you snort at your neighbor, and they can’t laugh/smile or they’re out. It was so much fun, and everyone was belly laughing and smiling. Psychiatrist was fun, but a bit difficult for everyone to get.

The highlight was Eat It, a game in which individuals have to eat all of the contents of a bag, without knowing beforehand what’s in the bag. Some notable foods were: horseradish, a pound of Velveeta, sardines, a can of whipped cream, picked pigs feet, and a can of cheese wiz. Some food was nasty, but the hardest part was eating lots of food quickly, without water.

The evening was a huge hit and tons of fun, but the best part was seeing so many of the kids having fun, literally rolling on the floor in laughter, smiling, and just loving life. You can see pictures from the night, by clicking here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Lessons

On the most recent Tuesday Night Bible Study, we finished up the Christmas lessons and one of the boys was confused about how Jesus could have created everything in the world when He was just a little baby. It was a great opportunity to discuss how Jesus was God even though He was a little boy. I really like that the Christmas story is perplexing and not easily answerable. It was great to see the boys wrestling with the idea of Jesus as God and Man.

We had a ton of snow over the past week, about 14 inches in 2.5 days. Much of it has melted now. I was stranded in the building for 3.5 days until Chris G came and rescued me. It was kinda fun being out there for a while by myself and cut off from most technology, but I think I might have lost it if I was out there too long. I posted a couple of pictures here for you. Also, here’s a shout out to Pete :)

Super Icicles:

The view from my window: